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Getting Started Successfully

Want to know what it takes to get started successfully with FLVS? You have come to the right place.

Decide whether studying online is right for you.

This is Step One, and it sounds like an obvious one, right? Nonetheless, it is an important first step. Florida Virtual School is an online public school and that means our courses and other online options are FREE to Florida students. The courses are entirely online and students communicate with teachers through phone, text, IM, email, and a variety of digital channels.

Making the decision to take an online course or enroll in an online school is a big commitment. Think about why online education might be a good fit for you or student. Talking to a school counselor, family members, or an FLVS counselor can be very helpful. Students should make sure that they will have time to devote to an FLVS course and that it is a credit he or she wants or needs. There are many reasons why students choose to study online through Florida Virtual School, but making sure they understand their goals and are motivated to do the work are the most important steps in getting started.

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Choose the program or course that is right for you:

Learn more about all of the options available at FLVS here. If you’re looking to take a middle or high school course, explore electives and NCAA-approved core courses in our course catalog.

Sometimes figuring out which course or program to choose can be a bit confusing. We all want you to be successful, so don't hesitate to contact the counselor at your school or the FLVS counselors when you need a little guidance.

What to do if you live outside of Florida:

Sometimes our name can be deceiving, especially when it comes to students who live outside the state. Can non-residents take online courses with Florida Virtual School, you ask? Absolutely. If you live outside Florida, you can take courses through FLVS Global on a tuition basis. Learn more about tuition rates and options by visiting the FLVS Global website.


Choose a course that is right for you:


You may already know which course you'd like to take, or you may be interested in looking through our many offerings. Whatever the case may be, the process begins in the same place—the FLVS Course Catalog. Once you decide what course or courses you want to take, our registration system is entirely customized for you to choose a specific course and create your FLVS account.

Sometimes figuring out which course to take can be a bit confusing. We all want you to graduate on time, so don't hesitate to contact the counselor at your school or the FLVS counselors when you need a little guidance.

From answering questions about prerequisites to helping determine which course will put you on track, counselors are there to help. When choosing a course you would like to take, don't forget to ask yourself these important questions:

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    I am or want to be a homeschooled student. Have I done everything my school district requires to take FLVS courses? Learn more in the Homeschool Hub.

  • icon_clipboard

    Am I eligible to take this course? Check out the eligibility requirements.

  • icon_radar

    I am part of a military family. What must I do to take FLVS courses?

  • icon_chart

    I want to take multiple FLVS courses. What are the course limits?

  • icon_monitor

    Does my computer meet the technology requirements?

Create your FLVS account:

If you have chosen to take a middle school or high school course, the next step is creating an FLVS student account. This is done through our registration system and it's a piece of cake. Just remember when creating an account, the information needs to be 100% accurate. Be sure that your email address and parent/guardian's email address are filled in properly; we need all contact information prior to initiating the course.

After the account has been created, the student and parent/guardian will receive emails to help finish the sign-up process. Some very important pieces of information will arrive in these emails, so keep your eyes peeled and read everything. Also, keep that phone nearby, because we will call you to verify your sign up.

Parents, if your student signed up for their first FLVS course after April 2012, you should have received an email with information on how to access your Parent/Guardian Account. If your student signed up for their first FLVS course before April 2012, click here to learn how to create an account and monitor their progress.

Processing time:

Please understand that it can take time to get into a course. We ask that students allow us two weeks to get them started; sometimes processing is completed faster and at times it can take a bit longer. It all depends on the popularity of a particular course and how quickly the steps outlined in the emails we send are completed.

At FLVS, we have several steps to complete as well, including contacting your parent/guardian or school counselor so they can approve your FLVS enrollment. Rest assured, we'll be working diligently to get you started as soon as possible.

Time will fly, but in the meantime you can do a few things, too:

  • icon_myflvs

    Visit myFLVS. This is the section of our website devoted to YOU, the student. Get involved in student activities, check out the academic calendar and see what other FLVS students are doing.

  • icon_clapboard

    Watch the FLVS Quick Start Video to familiarize yourself with FLVS and what to expect in your course.

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    If you are a public or private school student, contact your school counselor to remind them to approve your enrollment with FLVS.

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    If you are a homeschooled student, make sure your parent/guardian logs in to approve your enrollment. Learn more in the Homeschool Hub.

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    Log into your FLVS account and view your Dashboard within a couple hours of signing up.

On the Dashboard students can monitor their sign-up progress and eventually access coursework, grades, teacher contact information, important announcements, and more.

Getting started in your course:

Students, as soon as you are assigned to your course, we will let you know. How, you ask? Well, through email of course. We will send a message to you and your parent/guardian the minute the course is open for you. The teacher will be very excited to talk to you and get the ball rolling, and you can expect a welcome call soon after you start working. During that call, you and your parent/guardian can get to know the teacher, talk about coursework expectations, and even choose your pace.*

That's right, you get to choose your own pace.

So, if you have a hectic schedule and need a little longer to finish modules—or if you plan to get things done as quickly as possible—your teacher can help make it happen.

From that point on, it's up to you to finish the course successfully, but it's not like you're alone. Teachers are available to text, talk, IM or email, giving you any help you may need along the way. As you work through the modules of the course, you'll connect with your teacher to take exams online and receive discussion-based assessments over the phone. You can do the work at your own pace and on your own time, but you'll talk with the teacher via phone at least once per month to discuss your progress. Make sure you stay on pace and you'll be finished before you know it.

How do you make sure you get started successfully? Here's a recap:

Still have questions? We're here to help—via email, chat or even over the phone—to answer any questions or help you through the sign-up process.