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How does FLVS work?

We're glad you asked. Florida Virtual School, the nation's first and largest online public school district, provides educational options that are obviously a little different than most traditional schools. Our programs are FREE to students who live in Florida and courses are available to students who live outside the state on a tuition basis. Our teachers are real, the coursework is real, and the grades students receive at the end of each course are real.

The great news is that—from the moment you become interested in online learning—the process is so simple. We help students, families, and educators explore our options, get started successfully, and begin working with our teachers. And, yes, everything is online so students can work according to their own schedule, studying from any place at any pace.

Click here to read the welcome letter from FLVS Administrators, Jodi Marshall and Robin Winder.

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Want to know more? Let's break it down.

Students have a lot of options at FLVS when it comes to online learning. Whether they sign up for a few online courses while still attending a traditional school, study online as a homeschool student, take online courses in a classroom setting, or attend our fully-online public school, the opportunities are endless. On the middle school and high school level, our course catalog includes more than 140 courses. Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade can also enroll with Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS Full Time), a public school that operates on a traditional 180-day school year and offers diplomas to graduating seniors. Homeschool students can choose to follow the same semester-based schedule or work at a flexible pace that works for them.

Ready to get started? Middle school and high school students can begin by browsing our course catalog. When you’re ready to sign up, our registration system is customized for you, based on where you live and your grade level. Select your course, create an FLVS account, and complete the sign up process by ensuring a parent/guardian has agreed to the FLVS Commitments and a school counselor has approved your FLVS enrollment. If you are a homeschool student, your parent/guardian must approve the enrollment.

The FLVS Quick Start Video

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You may be asking yourself, "So, where are all the students? Where do I log into a course when I'm ready?"

The answers can be found at myFLVS. This site is loaded with all the information and links a Florida Virtual School student could ever need, including activities, clubs, advisement, school calendar and, of course, the login for your Dashboard. The Dashboard is where students access courses, submit coursework, and review his or her pace chart, grades, and teacher comments. Once you have an FLVS account and are signed up for a course, you can log into your Dashboard at myFLVS.

Students of Florida Virtual School Full Time can access their login through the FLVS FT website.

Each course has a real teacher who guides you through the coursework, which is broken down into modules.

Teachers are available via phone, text, email and IM — and they love to hear from you!

As students work through the modules of a course, they connect with their teachers to take exams online and discussion-based assessments over the phone. Students do the work at their own pace and on their own time, but talk with the teacher via phone at least once per month.

This monthly call provides students and their parent/guardian with the opportunity to not only hear a progress report, but also to speak with the teacher and ask questions. After completing the course, grades are made available and sent directly to the student’s school or district of record. They then appear on the student’s transcript just like any other grades.

Ready to dive in?

Browse the Course Catalog and sign up today.

Still have questions? See what is takes to get started successfully and figure out which FLVS option is right for you.

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