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Common Core Corner


  • On Feb. 18, 2014, the State Board of Education for Florida adopted new student performance standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • The new name of the standards – Florida Standards – recognizes the state has academic benchmarks in all subjects including science and social studies.
  • Florida Virtual School will continue to develop its curriculum to align with state and national standards, as well as parents’ and students’ needs.

For more information, visit the Florida Department of Education’s website.

About the Common Core State Standards
The State of Florida is among a number of states adopting the new Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) ensure parents, teachers, and students have a clear understanding of expectations in reading, writing, speaking, listening, language, and mathematics. Input in developing these standards was provided by teachers, parents, school administrators, state leaders, and experts around the country. 

Right now, the CCSS only apply to English and Math. English and Math were the subjects chosen by teachers, researchers, and leading experts because they are areas upon which students build skill sets used in other subjects. They are also the subjects most frequently assessed for accountability purposes. Literacy and Math CCSS have been implemented into Science, Social Studies, and Career Tech courses.

The standards are used as a guide to establish a clear set of goals and expectations, and encourage students to grow and learn by progressively mastering content. For example, the CCSS creates a "staircase" of increasing text complexity, so that students are expected to both develop their skills and apply them to more and more complex texts.

Common Core VideoWhy is Common Core so important in our educational future?

Florida Common Core TimelineFlorida's Common Core State Standards Implementation Plan


Florida Virtual School Info Session

View a previously recorded CCSS Info Session here to get more information and learn more about these standards.

Florida Virtual School CCSS Courses

This intro video will appear at the beginning of all Florida Virtual School courses that have been updated to the Common Core State Standards, and helps explain how these standards affect all courses.

Web Resources

Below are links to other comprehensive web resources from various organizations that tell the CCSS story.

Common Core WebsiteOn this site, you can read the Common Core's mission statement, download the standards, and access the informative appendices.

Common Core WebsiteThis site details the six instructional shifts needed for the effective implementation of the Common Core.

Common Core WebsiteView a short, accessible video that explains the Common Core State Standards.


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