Fully Accredited

FLVS is a public school choice providing elementary, middle and high school curriculum to Florida residents for FREE. All of our courses are fully online. FLVS (the district) is accredited as a system by Advance Education, Inc. (AdvancED), and the various FLVS schools are accredited by SACS CASI (Southern Association of College and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.) Our courses meet the Florida Standards, and all public institutions within Florida must provide Florida families the option to choose FLVS for courses.

Course Approval

FLVS core course curriculum has been approved by NCAA. Elective courses are not approved by NCAA as they are not part of their college entrance requirements. Learn more about how FLVS core courses can help you stay NCAA eligible.

FLVS Flex does not currently grant a diploma.

Instead, credits are transferred back to the student's local school to count towards their graduation requirement. Homeschool students fulfill diploma requirements either through portfolios that often include national SAT I and II scores, or they use the services of an "umbrella school" that offers the diploma. Visit the Home School Legal Defense Assocation or our homeschooler informational page to learn more.

FLVS does offer diplomas for students who graduate from the FLVS Full Time Program. For more information this program, click here.