From Supplemental Digital Courses, to Homeschool Online, and Alternative Education Programs, Students Can Choose Their Own Path at Florida Virtual School

From Supplemental Digital Courses, to Homeschool Online, and Alternative Education Programs, Students Can Choose Their Own Path at Florida Virtual School
Apr. 27, 2022

The School’s Flexible Option Provides Students with Year-Round Access, Individualized Teacher Support, and the Ability to Take One or Multiple Courses Throughout the Year

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With the finish line for this school year quickly approaching, families with children in Kindergarten-12th grade can enroll for the 2022-23 school year or this summer in Florida Virtual School (FLVS), joining the school’s Flex online option that allows families to enroll year-round, work at their own pace, and incorporate one or more courses as part of their education plan.

In a survey conducted by National School Choice Week, 52% of American parents considered finding a new or different school for their child within the past year, with 26% considering full-time online school and 25% looking into full-time homeschooling. These numbers highlight that after more than two full years of educational change due to the pandemic, families are re-evaluating to find options that better serve their children’s learning needs.

With FLVS Flex, students can either supplement their learning with digital courses while still attending their traditional in-person school, be a homeschool student using FLVS digital curriculum, or enroll in an alternative education program that uses FLVS curriculum. Below are three examples of current students and how they use FLVS to fit their personal learning style:

Supplemental Courses to Achieve Individualized Learning
Delaney Brown, a 12th grade student at Booker T. Washington High School in Pensacola, FL, has big plans for her future, all thanks to the courses she took through Florida Virtual School. In her freshman year of high school, Delaney began taking supplemental online courses with FLVS Flex. This fall, she will be attending Florida State University where she will study political science and business, with the ultimate goal to become a lawyer.

“I was looking to differentiate myself from other students because that’s what college admissions are looking for,” said Brown. “While all other students are taking the same classes and learning the same concepts, I wanted to take unique online courses like political science and law studies that prepared me for my future. Taking courses online is also preparing me for balancing my course load in college, showing me how to manage my time effectively.”

Homeschooling 2.0
Since Kindergarten, Aiden Cardoza and Sylar “SySy” Borden from Lake County, FL, have been learning online as homeschoolers with FLVS Flex. Aiden, now in fifth grade, and SySy, now in fourth, learn together at home with the guidance of their mothers - Monica and Sofia.

“Someone once told me that one of the most important things to do as a mom is to surround your children with a strong village to help them grow,” said Monica. “FLVS has become our village, with teachers constantly checking in to offer support, as well as teaching our kids that they have a voice and can make a difference in the world.”

At only 11 and 10-years-old, Aiden and SySy are doing just that - making a difference through their YouTube channel and nonprofit, Captain A TV, Inc., created to spread awareness on how to help animals, the environment, and the world. It all began when Aiden learned about the rainforest and endangered animals in one of his FLVS courses. A trip to the Tampa zoo changed everything for the boys, and now they run their own website and social channels, creating videos that discuss important topics like climate change using a kid-friendly approach.

Learning Life Skills Through Alternative Education Programs
Colossal Academy, a microschool located on a farm in Fort Lauderdale, FL, launched in August of 2020 with the mission to place students at the center of their learning through hands-on learning experiences and a project-based approach. As an affiliate of Florida Virtual School, students use FLVS curriculum and have guidance from FLVS teachers, all while learning practical life skills through farming/permaculture, surfing, skateboarding, and mindfulness.

“Our students are thriving in this environment, and we’ve seen their self-esteem and confidence increase. My goal is to help students self-actualize at a younger age, by helping them build strong portfolios and introducing them to purposeful internships,” said Shiren Rattigan, Colossal Academy Director and Founder. “By doing this, students can make a meaningful contribution to the world in careers that are needed to solve some of the most serious challenges, like 3D designers, cybersecurity officers, industrial farmers, and more.”

At Colossal Academy, a typical day starts with students arriving at the farm, doing a physical activity to help them wake up, like yoga, and then start farming. After their lunch break, students take their core classes with Florida Virtual School, meet with Ms. Rattigan one-on-one to discuss what they’re learning, and end the day with cleaning and putting shovels and buckets away since it is an active farm.

Florida Virtual School offers full-time and part-time flexible options for grades Kindergarten-12. Students have access to more than 190 courses – including core, elective/specials, world languages, Advanced Placement, and Career and Technical Education courses – all tuition-free for Florida residents and taught by state-certified teachers using a curriculum developed specifically for the online learning environment to facilitate student success. Enrollment for FLVS Full Time will open next month, stay tuned for more details.

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