FLVS is your school of choice.

Students, in Florida you have options when it comes to your education. One of which, is to take your courses online with Florida Virtual School (FLVS). That means taking a course with FLVS at any point throughout the school year or over the summer. We are here to help ensure that you always have the access you need.

If you are having difficulty getting counselor approval to take an FLVS course, please follow these steps:

  1. Report your issue to FLVS by filling out this form or calling 866.644.8475.
  2. Print out this memo from Chancellor of Public Schools Pam Stewart.
  3. Bring memo to your school counselor and/or principal and request course approval as it is your right!

As stipulated by the Florida K-20 Education Code (s.1002.20) (Florida Statutes), parents have the right to choose educational options such as Florida Virtual School (FLVS) for their children.

Section 1002.37(3)(c), F.S., clearly states that school districts may not limit student access to FLVS courses. However, the school counselor will determine if the course is academically appropriate for the student based upon the student's academic history, grade level, and age.

**Please note that charter and magnet school students have used their school choice option and are not guaranteed approval to take FLVS courses. Elementary and private school students are also subject to their school’s guidelines and academic recommendations.

Share Your Story

If you are experiencing trouble with getting counselor approval to take your FLVS course(s), your state officials and legislators want to know! Contact them today and share your story.

  • Joe Negron, President, Florida Senate 
    District Office: 850-487-5229
  • Richard Corcoran, Speaker, Florida House of Representatives
    District Office: 850-717-5000