Elementary Student Resources

If you are an elementary student or parent, these resources will help you explore exciting and innovative ways FLVS and online learning can help meet your family’s unique educational needs.

About FLVS Flex Elementary

FLVS Flex Elementary is an innovative program for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The program follows a semester-based schedule with flexible enrollment options available during the school year, allowing students to complete assignments following a suggested weekly pace with parent guidance. Scheduling can be adjusted to accommodate each student’s needs and enrollment date. Students meet with classmates and their teacher twice a week for online live video lessons or “ClassTime,” giving them an opportunity to interact in real time. Designed by FLVS, this free option utilizes a flexible learning model and offers a comprehensive elementary curriculum in core subject areas, including Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Technology.

What steps do I need to take to sign up?

Parents of current FLVS Elementary students are invited to join our Facebook group to connect with other parents and teachers.

How does FLVS Flex Elementary differ from FLVS Full Time?

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FLVS Full Time is a fully accredited public school with a 180-day academic calendar that runs from August to June and requires students to fulfill all public school requirements, including state testing.

Jump Ahead with FLVS Flex

FLVS Flex also allows elementary students to enroll in higher-level courses at FLVS if they are academically ready for more advanced material. These core courses and unique electives are available throughout the year with flexible rolling enrollment. View our selection of middle school courses here.

Additional Elementary Resources

*Visit our homeschool resources to learn more about registering as a homeschool student with your district.