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FLVS Flex Elementary

Explore online learning for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade with innovative elementary courses available through FLVS Flex. As a parent, you’ll be amazed by the creative and engaging experiences offered through our interactive curriculum that includes Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science, and special subjects like Technology, Spanish, Art, and P.E.

This free option incorporates best practices for young children learning online and empowers students and parents with 1:1 support from certified teachers. Questions? Call 407-513-3604 to learn more.

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How It Works

FLVS Flex Elementary offers families the ability to choose from two distinct learning experiences. Personalize your child’s education to best suit your family’s needs by choosing the path that’s right for you:

Elementary Group


  • Sign up to take multiple elementary courses with a group of classmates and one core teacher
  • Start on August 13, 2018 for the 2018-19 school year
  • Follow the traditional school year calendar (August – May) with a weekly planner
  • Participate in required teacher-directed instruction with morning Class Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays
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Elementary Individual


  • Sign up for individual elementary courses
  • Start and finish anytime during the year with rolling enrollment
  • Follow a customized pace chart created with the course teacher
  • Participate in optional teacher-directed instruction with Class Time


Courses available starting August 2018.

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Flex students can take online elementary courses while attending a public, private, or charter school with approval from their school of record – or as a homeschool student registered with their local school district.

Children must meet the age requirements for Kindergarten admission in the State of Florida.

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For the upcoming school year, FLVS will be introducing a new elementary curriculum with interactive self-guided online lessons. All of our elementary courses are based on the Florida State Standards and taught by certified teachers who provide age-appropriate instruction and support. During Class Time (interactive live video lessons), your child will be able to meet with classmates, participate in activities, and build relationships with their teachers and peers.

We even offer student clubs and opportunities to meet teachers and classmates face-to-face at field trips across the state!

As a parent, you have the opportunity to stay involved by overseeing your child’s progress and following a schedule that works for you.

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Questions? Call 407-513-3604 to learn more.