Digital Learning Labs

Digital Learning Labs allow students to seamlessly integrate Florida Virtual School (FLVS) online courses into their school schedule with instruction from an FLVS teacher. These labs take place in a designated area for online instruction at your school and can expand your school’s curriculum with access to over 190+ courses.

Digital Learning Lab Solutions

Students Can:

  • Supplement course load
  • Satisfy online course requirement
  • Get ahead with AP courses
  • Earn a CTE certification
  • *Take advantage of credit recovery
*FLVS courses used for credit recovery maintain the integrity and rigor of traditional FLVS courses; students are still required to complete 100% of the coursework for the semester and cannot exempt work.

Schools Can:

  • Reduce classroom size
  • Maintain live instruction
  • Increase course offerings
  • Offer new ways to engage students
  • Access teachers who are subject matter experts
  • Receive 1:1 support from teachers who have extensive training in online education

What You Need to Know

Florida Virtual School provides ongoing support from highly qualified, state-certified teachers, a Blended Learning Specialist, and other FLVS support staff. FLVS also provides training for school facilitators, counselors, and school administration.

The school provides students with computer access and other technology required for FLVS courses, phone access for FLVS teacher-student phone calls, and a dedicated lab facilitator to monitor students. Lab facilitators are not required to have teacher certification. Their role is to assist and encourage students in their course progress. Access to school counselors is also required for training and communications from FLVS.

Types Of Digital Learning Labs

Lab Type
FLVS Flex Lab
Blended Learning Community
Virtual Learning Labs
Voyage Lab

*Unique requirements apply to Florida students who receive a school choice scholarship to attend private school or receive other educational services.

Getting Started

To set up a Digital Learning Lab at your school, complete the form below to connect with an FLVS District Relations Manager.