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Shakespeare Festival 2017

Date/Time: Apr 10, 2017 10:00 AM - Apr 14, 2017 08:00 PM

Title:  FLVS Shakespeare Festival 2017

Date: April 10-14, 2017

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Join FLVS Student Activities as we celebrate the 9th annual Shakespeare Festival! Participate in live lessons and interactive sessions to learn more about the Bard’s contributions to literature, theater, and our world today. We hope to see you there!

Monday, April 10 at 11am
Character Disorders of Shakespeare

Personality disorders of characters in Shakespeare plays

Monday, April 10 at 1pm
Themes from Shakespeare Present in Today's World 
English 1
Our presentation goes over themes that are present in Shakespeare and we talk about how they relate to themes in our society, today.

Monday, April 10 at 4pm
Shakespeare and the Reniassance

Art History
Live lesson focused on Shakespeare and the Renaissance 

Monday, April 10 at 6pm
Disorders of Shakespeare's Tragic Characters

Psychology 1
Come learn about the psychological disorders displayed  by two of Shakespeare's most disturbed characters. We will examine their words and actions to learn about the symptoms of their disorder and the tragic results!

Monday, April 10 at 7:30pm
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar vs. History's Julius Caesar

Latin/Ancient Roman History
The Latin Club will be doing a presentation lesson that compares Julius Caesar in Ancient Roman History and Julius Caesar written in Shakespeare's play titled "Julius Caesar." There are some significant differences, and the goal is to educate students on the play Julius Caesar and on Ancient Roman History. There will also be some trivia involved so students can interact with the material discussed in this fun and interesting lesson! 

Tuesday, April 11 at 11am
Romeo & Juliet Re-enactment
Language Arts
Student Participation - Students will perform a reader's theater version of the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet while simultaneously using movable images on the screen to illustrate the scene. 

Tuesday, April 11 at 5pm
Geometry in the Globe Theater

This session will explore the unique circular shape of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and focus on the Geometry of the design.  Students will review formulas and problems related to circles and the Globe.

Tuesday, April 11 at 7pm 

Shakespeare Musical Presented by the Fine Art Club
The Fine Art Club will present a Shakespeare musical.  

Wednesday, April 12 at 10am
Shakespeare's Literary Connections

Literature/FLVS Clubs
FLVS Book club with make connections to Shakespeare plays from modern day stories

Wednesday, April 12 at 11am
Julius Caesar's: Battle of Philippi (Escape Room Team Collaboration Game)

English 2
Brief overview of Battle of Philippi (Julius Caesar Acts 4&5), then disperse into breakout rooms to work in teams to compete in the Escape Game.

Wednesday, April 12 at 2pm
Borrowing from the Bard: Shakespearean Allusions in Disney Films

English / Spanish
This presentation will focus on allusions to Shakespeare in various Disney films with which students will be familiar. We will focus specifically on how these allusions enrich the film as a whole and make an impact on the viewer. As both presenters have a background in linguistics, special attention will also be given to lines from the play that allude to Shakespeare and how they reveal how language has changed over time.

Wednesday, April 12 at 5pm 
Skill Related Fitness/Shakespeare's Swordfight Scenes 
Students will explore sword fighting in Shakespeare's plays and how the activity relates to skill related fitness components in HOPE.

Thursday, April 13 at 11am
Fun With Elizabethan English: Shakespearean Insults & Compliments
Students will explore the rich growth of the English language during the Elizabethan period by examining new words introduced by William Shakespeare, and by having opportunities to create original insults and compliments using the Shakespearean satirical model for insults and compliments and words selected from a bank of Elizabethan descriptors.

Thursday, April 13 at 1pm
Personality Disorders
Comparing Shakespeare character personality disorders with modern celebrities

Thursday, April 13 at 6pm
The Trial of Brutus 
English II
Moc trial of Brutus from the Julius Caesar play

Thursday April 13 at 7pm
Could you survive in Shakespeare's Time?
Parenting Skills
Learn what it was like to live in Shakespeare's time! Could you survive? From general hygiene, giving birth, physicsl activities, dining menus, and raising children there were countless diseases and worldly challenges that might make you living into your teens nearly impossible! Come and see if you would make it!