Florida’s Mission

The mission of the state board of education is to increase the proficiency of all students within one seamless efficient system, by allowing them the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills through learning opportunities and research valued by students, parents and communities.

Our Mission

The Literacy Department at FLVS Full Time will provide support to faculty and families so students may become proficient readers.  The Literacy Department is committed to assisting all school personnel in the appropriate identification, placement, and interventions for struggling students.   In addition, we meet students’ at their current ability level, develop grit and create stretch goals to accelerate learning gains.

For more information regarding documentation necessary for enrollment, please view Section ( ) of the FLVS Full Time School Handbook.

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Overview of ESE at FLVS Full Time

The Literacy Department at FLVS Full Time ensures that all entities within the school comply with local policies, state mandates and federal laws for students with reading deficiencies.  In accordance with the Florida Statute 1011.62, the amendment 6A-6.054 and Florida Statute 1008.25, public school students determined as reading deficient by a district must receive interventions and participate in state testing.  Interventions are provided in accordance with mandates and the individual’s level of need. Highly qualified teachers serve struggling readers and monitor their progress frequently. Opportunities to accelerate achievement will be provided for efficient readers so they may deepen their understanding of text.

Public school students enrolled in FLVS Full Time are under obligations of a school district to comply with state testing requirements.  All third grade students who have been retained will participate in a summer camp intervention as outlined in the Florida Statute 1008.22.  Parents or the district representative may speak with their school based Literacy Coach as indicated on the Staff Directory (link page) for additional information.

In carrying out this mission, the Literacy Department at FLVS Full Time is committed to work with school staff, administrative staff, community stakeholders, and the Florida Department of Education to ensure the appropriate student support.

  • Policies and Procedures (include link to a copy of FLVS’s SP&P document)

Florida Statutes and State Board Rules that Provide Authority for Just Read, Florida!

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