County Virtual Schools

County Virtual School

As a Florida student, you and your family have the right to choose how and where you earn your education. That’s why FLVS collaborates with school districts across the state to offer a wide variety of middle and high school courses ranging from core and electives to honors and Advanced Placement (AP). Together, FLVS and your County Virtual School offer more than 150 online courses—all of them FREE to Florida students.

By enrolling with your County Virtual School, you can benefit from learning with teachers employed by your local school district, having the option to start and finish a semester whenever you choose (like over the summer or on a traditional school calendar), and being able to contact your teachers Monday-Friday via phone, email, IM and text.

County Virtual School Hub

Each school district is different, so be sure to check directly with your County Virtual School for details on schedule and course availability.

With your County Virtual School, you can:

  • Get ahead on your courses
  • Make up course credit
  • Explore an interesting elective not offered at your school
  • Earn an industry certification
  • Complete courses to free up next year’s schedule
  • Fulfill any online graduation requirements

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Step 1
Browse the course catalog.
Step 2
Discuss your decision with your school and family.
Step 3
Confirm you’ve taken any required prerequisites.
Step 4
Review our computer tech requirements.
Step 5
Once assigned, talk to your teacher about a pace that's right for you.