Virtual School Similarities

Whether your child is enrolled with FLVS Flex or FLVS Full Time, FLVS Global, or your local County Virtual School, all students will be taking classes online using robust curriculum developed by Florida Virtual School. All online classes are taught by state certified teachers, who follow the FLVS instructional model that’s been a national standard for online learning for 22 years. 

FLVS online teachers provide a myriad of resources including live and recorded lessons, guided notes, video tutorials, and more. You can feel confident that your child is staying on track and mastering grade-level material when taking FLVS courses. No matter which online school option you choose, your child’s teacher will work with you to help meet his or her learning goals. FLVS teachers frequently communicate with each student and provide personalized instruction with 1:1 attention. 

FLVS students consistently outperform state averages on standardized tests like Advanced Placement and end-of-course exams!

Virtual School Differences 

FLVS Flex offers individual courses on a flexible schedule. 

FLVS Flex is our part-time “a-la-carte” option that allows families to choose individual courses from our Florida Virtual School course catalog for grades K-12. To take FLVS Flex courses, students must be enrolled in a public school, affiliated private school, or be registered with their county home education office as a homeschool student.

Students using FLVS Flex for their entire course load, not just part-time, generally register as homeschool students in the county in which they live. FLVS Flex courses are available year-round, so students can choose how many courses they take and when to take them. Homeschool students can take up to six courses at any one time. Students who are taking online courses while attending a traditional school can take up to three courses in addition to taking classes with their traditional school.  

Many FLVS Flex students benefit by taking 1-3 courses at one time to supplement traditional classes in order to complete all their needed credits for the school year. Teachers are available 8 AM-8 PM Monday through Friday to support students. While FLVS Flex provides online curriculum and instruction, it is not a school of record and does not issue diplomas.

Homeschool students who graduate from high school using FLVS Flex courses are graduated by their parent/guardian, based on their local district’s graduation requirements for homeschool students. Public and private school students who take FLVS Flex courses graduate from their traditional school of record.

What about my local County Virtual School? 

County Virtual Schools throughout the state of Florida use FLVS digital curriculum, including our courseware and systems. The local school district teachers follow FLVS instructional best practices, but school operations are handled by the local school district administration and teachers are employed by the local school district. 

In many cases, County Virtual Schools are more structured and have more similarities to FLVS Full Time than FLVS Flex. County Virtual Schools often follow the traditional school calendar of August through May, although some operate year-round. County Virtual Schools may also have opportunities to meet teachers in-person at a local school office or campus and may have options to provide a laptop device. Teacher availability also varies by school district. While County Virtual Schools serve both full-time and part-time students, every district is different – so it’s important to reach out to your local school for details.

Check your local school district websites for more information specific to your county.