Private Schools - Affiliate with FLVS

Welcome to Florida Virtual School (FLVS)! We are a fully accredited school with an established history of successfully educating students. As an award-winning, international leader in kindergarten-grade 12 online learning, our goal is to work with you to meet your educational needs.

Why affiliate with FLVS?

When you affiliate with FLVS free of charge, we can work together to provide a variety of innovative, student-centered options for your school and students. Our solutions include:

More than 150 no-cost elective, Advanced Placement, and NCAA-approved core courses
A variety of blended learning strategies
Flexible scheduling options for students, including any time, any place course access
Curriculum expansion, with certified teachers delivering courses your school may not offer
The ability to prepare students for college and beyond by providing vital online learning skills

How does my school affiliate with FLVS?

The affiliation process can be completed in 4 simple steps:

  1. Email stating that you want to affiliate with FLVS.
  2. You will receive an email from DocuSign with a link to our Memorandum of Agreement.
  3. Access and review the memorandum via the link within the email, and click "confirm signing" to submit.
  4. You will receive an email when Florida Virtual School signs the agreement. This email will include your username, password, and additional information to help you get started.

What’s next?

When your affiliation is complete, your District Relations Manager (DRM) will be alerted and will be reaching out to learn more about your school, students, and educational needs. DRMs are dedicated to helping each and every school and student thrive with FLVS, and your DRM will be your primary point of contact. If you have questions, please contact your DRM or visit the FLVS Counselor & Administrator Resource Center.

If your school participates in any of Florida's school choice scholarship programs, learn more about FLVS and scholarship student eligibility here