Student Clubs FAQs

Do you meet face-to-face?

Sometimes! When our clubs compete, they meet in person. Other club meetings and events (including guest speakers, games, and other fun activities) are usually held online.

How do you participate in a club online?

All of the meetings are online through Blackboard Collaborate, the same system you use for your live lessons and collaborations. We can use the microphone, chat box, interactive white board, and video to participate!

Do you have to be a student of FLVS to join a club?

Yes, you must be active in at least one FLVS course to join a club.

Is my friend (who is not an FLVS student) able to come with me to the online meeting?

We request that only FLVS club members attend meetings. You should tell them about FLVS and how awesome we are!

Why haven’t I received an e-mail about joining the club yet?

Our sponsors are teachers first and club sponsors second. You may have hit them during a busy time, so if you haven’t received any emails to the address you provided in your application, please reach out to the sponsor directly.

When do clubs meet?

Various times! You’ll need to check with the club sponsor for the meeting date and time of the club you wish to join.

What if I can’t attend meetings?

Club meetings are very important for you to be involved in a club. If you are unable to attend meetings, let your club sponsor know!

Why do I have to reapply to clubs every year?

We like to keep our records updated. Also, sometimes you find you’re not interested in the same clubs from year to year. This is the easiest way for us to keep up with all of your choices to provide you the best experience possible!

What do I do if my parents don’t want my name, picture, or work to be published?

Please fill out the “Student Image and Name Opt-Out Form” in the Student and Parent Handbook. To find the most current version of the Handbook, look at the Quick Links on your Student Dashboard.

How do I apply for multiple clubs?

Fill out the application and choose all of the clubs you wish to join!

I want to start a new club. How do I do that?

At this moment, we are not adding anymore clubs to our roster. We appreciate your interest and welcome you to join our other clubs!

What types of clubs can we have at FLVS?

All of our clubs must have an academic basis. We cannot have any clubs that are religious, political, or support in nature due to our school accreditation.

How can I keep up with what is going on in my club?

All of our clubs have websites that can help you stay on top of all that is going on with your club! Make sure you get that URL in your first meeting to stay involved!

Can I get graduation regalia for joining honor societies through FLVS?

Yes. Once you meet the requirements for the honor society you are a part of, you will be given or allowed to purchase graduation regalia.

I’m in elementary school and I want to join clubs. What can I join?

Unfortunately, FLVS clubs are only for grades 6-12. Our elementary program offers unique social opportunities depending on what program you are in (Flex or Full Time). We look forward to you joining when you get a bit older!

I’m in middle school and I want to join clubs. What can I join?

Most of our clubs are available to you! Honor societies are for high school students only though. Make sure you check the club information page for grade level postings.

How do I get a leadership role in a club?

Run for office! Elections are held for many of our clubs in the fall. Check your club to find out how to run. You must have been in the club for at least a year.

Does FLVS go to the same competitions that other schools go to in Florida?

Absolutely. Our students are VERY competitive and do an amazing job at competitions! We place in quite a few district, state, and national competitions.

What are meetings like?

They’re so much fun! Kids are chatting with each other and sharing information. Sponsors help support the students to make sure the meeting keeps going on. Ideas are shared, plans are made, fun is had - it’s a great time!

How do I get the link to the room for my club?

Look for your welcome letter! It should have all the information you need to access the meetings.

Do I have to participate in the competitions to be in a club?

No, absolutely not. However, we’d love to have you there!

Why am I limited to only joining three clubs at a time?

We want you to join only three clubs to begin with because they take up so much time. If after you get settled, you want to join more, we welcome you to fill out the application again to add more clubs.

What technology do I have to have to join clubs?

Most of our clubs just require a computer with speakers; however, some require a microphone so you can speak. Those clubs are marked on the application and on the club information site.

Can I participate in local high school sports if I'm a public student with FLVS Full Time?

Yes! You need to get the form from your local high school and send it to your counselor/administrator.

What can I do for school-wide events like World Fest and Shakespeare Fest?

We welcome students to create and present their own sessions! However, if presenting isn’t your thing, you can always just attend and learn something new. Both options are very fun! Oh, and if you want to help us run the event as a moderator, join Student Ambassadors!

How much is it to attend an event?

Free. Nada. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Just come and have fun with us!

How can you attend an event online?

Look at the event page and click the link. Seriously - we make it THAT easy for you!

What is a Virtual Open House?

This is a great way to check out FLVS and all that we have to offer each year! We will have students, counselors, teachers, and sponsors there to answer questions that you have about FLVS. Invite your friends!

May I be a moderator for the event?

Sure! Join our Student Ambassadors club and, when you are approved, you can sign up to help us moderate future events.

How can I promote clubs at the virtual events?

Become a presenter for your club and run a session. Find a way to link your club to the event!

How can clubs help me earn service hours?

You can earn service hours by moderating sessions, helping teachers, participating in panels, or tutoring. The two clubs that specialize in this are Student Ambassadors and Peer Tutors. Also, our honor societies do service projects that will earn you hours!

Can I volunteer outside of FLVS and count the hours?

We cannot verify any hours completed without a FLVS staff member present.

How often is the student newspaper published?

It is an online newspaper, so new articles are added all the time! Keep your eye on the site!

How often is the literary magazine published?

Twice a year - once in the fall and once in the spring.

When is the yearbook published?

Our yearbook is available in the spring. Information will be posted on the website when it is available.

How do I submit work to be published?

Each publication has different requirements for submission. Joining the staff of the yearbook and newspaper will get you involved in writing for these publications. If you’re interested in submitting to Virge Literary Magazine, please check the Virge page for more information.

Can I serve as an editor and help put these publications together?

Of course! Help out by joining the clubs for each of the publications if you’re interested!