FLVS Flex Schools 

FLVS is established by 1002.37 F.S. for the development and delivery of online and distance learning education. The mission of the FLVS is to provide students with technology-based educational opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. The school shall serve any student in the state who meets the profile for success in this educational delivery context and shall give priority to:

  1. Students who need expanded access to courses in order to meet their educational goals, such as home education students and students in inner-city and rural high schools who do not have access to higher-level courses.
  2. Students seeking accelerated access in order to obtain a high school diploma at least one semester early.

To serve Florida students, FLVS has created a FLVS Flex program that provides online instruction to public, private and home education students eligible for Florida public schools who receive their primary schooling through a traditional brick and mortar school. Serving students primarily in grades 6 through 12, FLVS Flex offers more than 150 online courses for students, served by certified instructors. FLVS also has a tuition-based program for students residing outside of Florida.