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Our team is never stagnant. We are constantly growing and creating new ways to improve the student learning experience. To make this all possible, we recruit the best from a variety of fields to develop, deliver and support our innovative online programs. Information technology, curriculum development and instructional support are just a few of our teams looking for top talent. Read on to learn about all the different departments that comprise our amazing organization.

Featured Positions

Software Developer

The Analysis, Assessment, and Accountability Department acts as a liaison to the Florida Department of Education and Florida School Districts. The department consists of three teams: Accountability, Evaluation, and Measurement (AEM); District Assessment; and Research and Evaluation. The teams serve as a crucial component in maintaining compliance with state and federal laws and policies, while also improving student outcomes through research, assessment, analysis, and analytics.

FLVS prides itself on providing an innovative cutting-edge educational experience. Our Curriculum Development Department plays a significant role in ensuring the continued success of the organization’s innovation. Our Curriculum team oversees the specification, creation, and maintenance of student learning experiences and assessment. The team is a partnership of content experts and their leadership who ensure all FLVS students receive high quality, technology-based educational opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

The mission of the Product Strategy and Project Delivery team is to enable efficient and effective delivery of all FLVS projects through the application of project management methodologies, processes, best practices, and optimization of resources.  The team plans, tracks, and monitors projects to ensure delivery of products and/or services with quality and within the timeline, budget, and scope.

The Financial Services Department includes: Benefits and Compensation, Budget, Accounting, Payroll, Entitlement Grants, Procurement, and Sales Operations. The Accounting team maintains the general ledger and financial records, provides payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable services and manages the investment strategies for the district. The Budget Services team assist in the preparation and implementation of the annual budget, the monthly review of departmental budgets, and the projections of annual revenue and expenditure estimates.

The Sales Team is responsible for promoting and selling FLVS products and services inside and outside the state of Florida. Since 2001, FlexPoint Education Cloud has grown steadily in revenue, serving customers in all 50 states and in 67 countries.

The Governmental Affairs Department is charged with educating government agencies, lawmakers, and other key stakeholders on issues that coincide with our mission to deliver high quality, technology-based education. We work to keep our stakeholders informed about FLVS and the need of student choice.

Human Resources is responsible for leading the strategic development, administration, and monitoring of human resources related policies, procedures, and programs ensuring compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and Florida Department of Education requirements. HR is comprised of several functional areas: Talent Acquisition, HR Systems Operations, Staff Development, and Professional Standards.

Information Security manages the development and implementation of global security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security. Information protection responsibilities include network security architecture, network access and monitoring policies, employee education and awareness, and periodic risk assessment.

FLVS is proud to offer a full-service Information Technology Department, something not often found in the education industry. This full-service approach creates many career opportunities in a fast-paced, adaptive environment focused on supporting the needs of our students as the organization continues to rapidly expand.

The Instructional Department provides instructional support and services necessary for ensuring students receive high quality educational opportunities at all phases of their FLVS experience. The Enrollment, Quality Assurance, Academic Integrity, Student Activities, Student Services, and School Counselor teams provide a variety of services to our instructors and students to enhance their FLVS experience.

The Marketing and Communications Department is the strategic marketing, internal and external communications, and community engagement arm of FLVS. The department is charged with keeping school and district staff, students, parents, private schools home education students, and the public informed about FLVS programs and initiatives. This team develops and publicizes key messages and creates relationships driving student enrollment and district partnerships to FLVS.

The Florida Services Department is charged with promoting all FLVS products and services to Florida public, private, and homeschool students and their respective schools and districts.  These include:  Kindergarten through 12th grade courses in FLVS Flex, FLVS Full Time, County Virtual Schools, and Virtual and Blending Learning labs.  There are four teams within the Florida Services Department: Florida District Relations, Blended Learning Specialists, Customer Care, and Partner Services, Florida.

The Procurement Services team manages all purchasing and contracting needs for Florida Virtual School and falls within the Financial Services Department. This includes the issuance of purchase orders, solicitations, and contracts to acquire commodities and contractual services in a manner that protects FLVS assets and ensures that FLVS receives the maximum value and quality when expending public dollars in compliance with all policies and statutory requirements.

The Organizational Compliance team coordinates the functions, including risk and loss control, administration, planning and program management, of risk management in alignment with the insurance policies of Florida Virtual School.