FLVS Student / Parent Media Release Form

Florida Virtual School uses many innovative activities to support student learning. To illustrate these innovative activities, we publish exemplary student stories and work that demonstrate learning in the online environment. Complete the form below to grant permission for Florida Virtual School to display your child’s name, photograph, video, as well as related student work.

I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the student named below do hereby consent, authorize, and grant permission to Florida Virtual School, its agents, employees, or duly authorized representatives to publish photographs, video, audio, as well as student work of said student as specified below, and do further consent to the publication, circulation and dissemination of said photographs, video, audio, as well as student work, or any duplication or facsimile thereof for any purposes it may deem proper.

In granting such permission, I hereby give to Florida Virtual School all right, title, and interest I may have in the finished pictures, negatives, reproductions or copies, and further waive any and all right to approve the use of such media. I further do waive any right to compensation for the publication or other use of said media and do release Florida Virtual School, its agents, licensees, representatives and assigns from any and all claims of any nature whatsoever arising from their use.