Learn a World Language with FLVS

Learning a new language can open doors to the world, and with FLVS, students can learn online—anytime, anywhere.

FLVS offers a variety of world language courses to students in elementary, middle, and high school.  Taught by certified international language teachers, our courses include:

  • How to listen, speak, read, and write the language
  • An exploration of common cultures and traditions
  • Activities, including a variety of interactive games
  • Teacher availability via phone, email, or text

Explore World Language Courses for Kindergarten-12

High School

Our high school courses help students meet their world language requirement and offer honors options in Spanish, Latin, and Chinese.

Elementary & Middle School

Designed for younger students, our world language courses in grades Kindergarten-8 help students develop and improve Spanish language skills. For FLVS Flex Elementary students, placement for Spanish courses is based on proficiency rather than grade level. 

Photo of a group of students

Student Clubs & World Languages

FLVS clubs are a great opportunity for students to get involved, interact with classmates, and have fun. But did you know FLVS has several clubs dedicated to specific world languages?

There’s something for everyone with clubs for students in elementary, middle, and high school.

  • American Sign Language Club
  • French Club
  • French Honor Society
  • Latin Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Spanish Nuts at Practice
  • Spanish National Honor Society
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