Webinars (Grades K-5)

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Join your K-5 Flex School Counselors for this read aloud and discussion about a quiet boy named Brian, who often times feels invisible until a new friend joins his classroom and helps the other students to appreciate all that Brian has to offer.  This story covers topics such as kindness, empathy, inclusion, and compassion.

Have you ever said something about someone that maybe wasn’t too kind but you thought ‘they’ll never know!’  If you have, you might be like our friend, Lily the Mouse!  Join your K-5 Flex School Counselors to hear a fun story about Lily’s favorite accessory as she learns an important lesson on making responsible choices about her words and actions.  We hope to see you there!

Have you heard your teacher talk about having a growth mindset? Do you wish you knew what he/she was talking about? You’ll hear two fun stories and will walk away knowing just how to change that fixed mindset into a growth mindset!

Have you ever thought about the choices you make in life and how they impact you?  Did you know you can make choices about your health that have nothing to do with the food you eat?  Learn about different ways to make healthy choices in life by listening to a cute story and play a fun game to show your understanding!

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Join the Flex counselors for this four week series about stopping a bully.

Week 3: Tough! Sam's Story

Join the Flex counselors for this four week series about stopping a bully.

Week 2: Dare! Jayla's Story

Join the Flex counselors for this four week series about stopping a bully.

Week 1: Weird! Luisa's Story

Have you ever heard of the term ‘cooperation’?  Have you ever been in a discussion led by a pencil or an eraser?  Take a peek at this fun lesson and discussion about working together, hosted by your K-5 Flex school counselors and some very special school supplies!  

Jesse shared that he has been riding dirt bikes since he was 6. He is now a professional dirt bike rider sponsored by KTM. He shared how much he loves doing what he does and that his sport is extremely dangerous but exciting!

Firefighter Pinkman explained his role as an engineer- he drives the truck! He took us on a tour of the fire station and shared how firefighters are constantly learning in order to be able to keep people safe.

Navid produces movies and shared with students some of the equipment he uses as well as all of the work involved in making a movie.

Soren explained to students how the work a vet does is much like what doctors do for humans. He shared photos of animals he helps and explained his role in keeping them healthy.

Coppelia is a radio personality at Z88.3 and works the afternoon show from 2-6pm weekdays.

Nolan works as a healthcare consultant and uses his math and programming skills to solve problems for hospitals and healthcare providers.

Elementary Career Day: Live Presentations by Industry Professionals

Have you ever been told to “Do unto others”?  What about “Do unto OTTERS”?  Join your K-5 Flex counselors as they tell a silly story about how you should do unto otters as you’d have them do unto you – a lesson all about respect, showing good manners, and learning to treat others how you’d like to be treated.  We promise a smile or two as well!

What is peer pressure? Can it be positive and negative? What can we do if we feel pressured? Learn about the STOP method and how to combat negative peer pressure in this special Red Ribbon Week Lesson!

It’s the beginning of another school year and that means it’s time to get organized and set ourselves up for success!  Join your K-5 Flex School Counseling team as they host a ‘panel of experts’ who will give you some amazing tips and tricks for building responsibility as a virtual student.  

Grab your adult(s) and join your counselors for an interactive lesson on understanding others and showing kindness.  Be sure to print out these supplemental worksheets to help spark discussion and strengthen your understanding of the following concepts discussed in this webinar: empathy, kindness, perspective, and inclusion.  Check out the activities at these two links below to spark further discussion.


Are you ready to showcase the leader in YOU?  Join your K-5 Flex Counselors as they hand over the reins to YOU and review all of the important parts of becoming a fabulous leader.  In the end, we are hoping that you’ll feel confident in your ability to be a great leader!