Dual Enrollment for Homeschool Students

Dual Enrollment is a great opportunity for any student. Dual Enrollment is a program at your local Community or State College, whereby high school students who qualify may take College courses that will count toward college credits as well as for high school credits.

To qualify for the Dual Enrollment program as a Homeschool Student, the student:

  1. Must be registered with the District Home School Office.
  2. It is recommended the student complete 10 Core High School credit classes prior to enrollment (English 1, Biology, Algebra 1, Geometry, World History)

When Ready To apply for Dual Enrollment as a Homeschooler:

  1. Complete the Dual Enrollment Application directly on your State College’s website.
    • Form must be signed by Home Education Parent and District Home Education Office.
    • The Home Education Office signature is required as proof that the student is enrolled in the District Homeschool Program, thus ensuring college courses are free.

    NOTE: FLVS Flex does not sign off on any dual enrollment registration forms for homeschool students. FLVS is a curriculum provider and thus not the school of record. The district office is the student’ legal school of record.

  2. Take and Pass the PERT / Accuplacer Exam (offered Free at the community college)

    IMPORTANT: When you go take the PERT / Accuplacer Exam make sure to identify yourself as a “Homeschooler registered with District Home Education”. It is because you are registered with the District Homeschool Office that permits a Homeschool Students to take the PERT Exam and then (once passed) take Dual Enrollment College Courses for Free.

For additional information regarding Dual Enrollment and its admission requirements, please contact your local State Community College - Dual Enrollment Office.

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